How do we root urban public schools in the urban environment? Teaching Our Cities partner schools are creating a growing collection of practice toolkits -- including videos, blog-style reflections, resources, and practice descriptions -- that share what's working at our schools. The practice toolkits below are just a starting point; we will be creating and posting more toolkits over the next year, and deepening the quality and variety of resources included in each.

Green Milestones

Green Milestones are a continuum of green experiences from 6th-12th grade. These Milestones ensure that, by the time they graduate, all students will: 1) Establish a meaningful relationship with our community and earth, 2) Grapple, and engage with real world, sustainability issues, and 3) Engage in leadership opportunities that promote sustainabili

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Student Portfolios

At Common Ground High School, every student creates an online portfolio that shows their growth as a powerful community and environmental leader. Defending this portfolio before a panel of adults and an audience that includes their peers, families, and community members is a graduation requirement.

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