Student Portfolios

How It Works

At Common Ground High School, every student creates an online portfolio that shows their growth as a powerful community and environmental leader. Defending this portfolio before a panel of adults and an audience that includes their peers, families, and community members is a graduation requirement. 


When Common Ground students develop their leadership portfolios, they reflect on how critical experiences demonstrate their growing mastery of these environmental leadership standards. Teachers integrate these standards into course plans, as they... read more
This rubric is used to evaluate students' written portfolios (page 1) and their defenses (page 2). Each portfolio and defense is reviewed by three panelists. This rubric evolves year to year -- for instance, previous versions did not include... read more
This portfolio was created by Bismark Salazar, Class of '16, whose portfolio experience is featured in the video associated with this practice toolkit. 
This portfolio was created by Nyasia Mercer, who graduated from Common Ground in 2016. Portfolio requirements have changed over time; in 2016, students' portfolios focused primarily on artifacts and reflections demonstrating students' growth as... read more
Each year, Common Ground seniors stand before an audience of peers, parents and staff to explain how they've grown into powerful leaders over their four years at Common Ground. This video gives a snapshot of how the portfolio defenses worked for... read more